Why You Should Write Essays (Even If You’re No Longer A Student?)

Essay writing is not only for students. It is a creative way of expressing yourself, knowledge about the world, and experience, which you can share through blogging and other social media practices. You can complain that you have enough writing an essay from the tremendous bulk you had written when you were in college. But surprisingly, you can write an article based on your interest at your pace.

So, why should you write essays even if you’re no longer a student?

1. It can be your stress reliever

On some days where you feel like you want to release stress, the essay is one right way to rant about how bad your day is or how disappointed you are when you’re date stood you up. Rather than bottle up all the negative that you are feeling, the best way to release it is to write about it. You can write it on a piece of paper, in a journal, or a scratch of writing – as long as you will be able to release the stress, the anxiety, or the pressure that is bugging you down. Write as much as you want until you feel better. It’s up to you if you’re going to publish it online, keep it in your drawer or throw it away.

2. It can be an inspiration to another person reading it

If you happen to have a life-changing experience and think it could help someone too, essay writing is the best way to share it. A lot of people nowadays Google what they feel. They look online for people who are also experiencing what they are going through and try to relate to it. It lowers a person’s negative feelings because they are enlightened that it does not only happen – that bad experiences can also happen to others. You have to know what you should or get an idea of how you should deal with it.

3. Help students with essay writing assistance

If you are right in writing essays, you can provide essay writing help to students who have trouble in your area of expertise. You can put up a blog where you can publish your essay collection and response for people who need help with their essays.

4. It can be your happy experience journal

If you love traveling, you can write essays about your travels and adventures to include pictures to make them more engaging. You can set up a simple blog that contains your travel essays. In this way, you can help other travelers who will be visiting your blog site.

These are some of the reasons why you should still write essays even if you’re no longer a student. Besides, even if you are already in the professional world, there are times that you will be asked to write essays. It could be a business essay to analyze and interpret the latest marketing trend or a campaign for your brand. If you think that you’re no longer that skilled in writing, you can start over again.