College Application 101: Tips For Writing a Good College Essay

Most college applications, whether it’s for admission or school scholarship grant, requires an essay apart from the other requirements that you need to submit. It is not to torment college aspirants, but to evaluate your written communication skills, knowledge and attitude through writing. Aside to this, it is one way of getting to know you better.
When you write a college essay, it has to be a lasting read. Something that will make your evaluator remember you. Your piece as a stand-out composition for its fantastic story-telling. And a competitive content for its ability to persuade readers without forcing. Only a few can write such fantastic content. However, with constant practice and making reading a habit, you will be able to write a convincing college essay.

To ensure that you will bag that spot for the scholarship grant you are aiming or the limited slots in the program you want to get enrolled, here are tips for writing a good college essay.

Write what is important to you

Writing something that matters to you means you are writing about your passion. It is one thing that has created a significant impact on your life, which you believe will also make a difference to other people when you share it.

Reflect on your learning experiences

Instead of trying to remember how a personal struggle happened by details, the best way to showcase your attitude in dealing with ups and downs is to reflect on what you have learned after dealing with it. You can express it changed you into a better version of yourself.

Answer what is being asked

Most college essays have specific questions or topics given to applicants. So, when you write your response, be more specific and don’t beat around the bush.

Use an outline to organize your writing

When writing a college essay, it is okay to write in several drafts. It is one way of polishing your piece. The only thing that you should not forget in writing your essay is to use an outline so that your ideas are organized and is easy to read. In Psychology of writing, unorganized writing means random thoughts, which means that you have poor focus as reflected on the way you organize your paper.

Choose the right the words

In writing a college essay, it does not mean that you should use high-sounding words. Simple words with proper meaning are enough. What the admission office wants to see in your essay is your command of English and word choices at the college level. So if you are having doubts about the vocabulary you are using in your article, the best material to consult is the thesaurus.

Ask someone to review and evaluate your essay before submission

It is best to consult someone to have your content review before you submit it. It is a good practice because other people will be able to help you find errors that you had overlooked. However, only seek advice from those who have background knowledge and skills when it comes to essay writing.