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Thursday 19th of July 2018
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September 2, 2014

What’s New?

by Mark Robson

I appreciate to many, I have dropped off the face of the world over the last 2 years, but I’m still here. I must admit that I’ve done comparatively little writing during that time, but I have still been chipping away at a couple of projects. The Devil’s Triangle Book 3 was not commissioned by [...]

January 11, 2012

I won something!

by Mark Robson

No, it wasn’t a book award. I won a trophy for being ‘Club Person of the Year’ in Master Jackson White’s Tae Kwon Do Club. Given the other nominees, I feel most honoured to have been chosen as the winner. Either of the other two could easily have won it, but I get this lovely [...]

December 10, 2011

Epsom Evergreen Event!

by Mark Robson

Had a fun signing in Epsom Waterstones today. Given that I sold out of books by 2pm, I’d say it was pretty successful too! Naturally ‘you know who’ was there stealing the show again, this time playing the fairy at the top of the store’s Christmas tree! Honestly, who would have thought a fairy would [...]

December 9, 2011

Bristol Book Bonanza

by Mark Robson

I’ve been on the road all week signing books. Today it was Westfields WHSmith, but yesterday and Wednesday I was in Bristol, Cribbs Causeway. Of course, Pilliwiggins was there too, hogging the limelight. She was most miffed that she didn’t have a stack of books to sign, but made up for it by schmoozing the [...]

December 6, 2011

Pillywiggins and the First Aid Course.

by Mark Robson

It turns out that the elf I elf-napped was not an elf, but a very unusual fairy by the name of Pillywiggins! I try not to mess with fairy folk where possible – you never know what sort of havoc they might wreak with their magic. However, having inadvertently kidnapped a fairy and taken her [...]

December 4, 2011

I am an Elf-napper!

by Mark Robson

Mwah ha ha haaaa! I elf-napped fellow author Julia Jarman’s elf at the Kimbolton Christmas Fair today. Perfect timing really… I was considering a bout of ‘elfy eatin’ and now I have the perfect ingredients to start!!!

November 11, 2011

Learning Leaps in Literacy! Where’s the Fun Gone?

by Mark Robson

Is there a magic wand we authors can wave that will instantly engage young people and make them want to read and write? I think the simple answer to that is no. However, I do sometimes sit with my head in my hands and wonder what on earth possesses those who devise the English syllabus [...]

November 10, 2011

Very Able Writers!

by Mark Robson

I’ve just got back from my first two ‘Able Writers’ days. This is a scheme run by Authors Abroad, who arrange to gather together groups of the very best young writers from several schools into a host school and give them a whole day of workshops with a professional writer. It was an eye-opener, I [...]

November 8, 2011

Another year, another KLQ begins!

by Mark Robson

My association with the Kid’s Lit Quiz has been a long one, but yesterday marked a milestone – the furthest I’d ever travelled to attend a regional heat. Trevor and Diane, the local coordinators for the quiz, had collared me at the UK Final last year and coerced me into making the trek and I’m [...]

November 2, 2011

Mark’s & Sparkes’ Success!

by Mark Robson

What a great day we had in the Daventry Barcelo Hotel yesterday! Lots of laughs with a super group of teachers, librarians and literacy coordinators. Ali Sparkes and I led a series of creative writing workshops that were designed to equip teachers with lots of fun ideas to take back into their classrooms. The overwhelming [...]

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