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Thursday 19th of July 2018
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School Visits

For bookings, please go to Authors Abroad.

Mark Robson has visited schools since he published his first book ‘The Forging of the Sword’ in Summer 2000. He is a versatile public speaker and teacher, comfortable with talking to both small groups and mass audiences alike. He will happily talk to pupils from Year 5 upwards.

When speaking about first becoming a Royal Air Force pilot, and then an author, Mark looks to inspire confidence in young people, helping them to set goals and improve personal motivation. His energy and enthusiasm are infectious qualities that have the young people buzzing for weeks after his events.

Mark’s writing workshops are designed to help aspiring young writers cut to the chase with their fictional writing. His teaching seeks to sweep aside some of the classic juvenile failings and help young people develop a simple, yet more mature approach to story plotting, character development and sense of pace. He has pre-prepared workshops on: how to start a story effectively, character development and writing better short stories. However, he is happy to design workshops on other elements of fictional writing on request.

Mark also now offers a ‘Publishing Workshop’ designed to give young people an insight into some of the different disciplines that go into producing and marketing a book. This workshop is only suitable for Yr9 and upwards. Please ask for further details.

For more information about Mark’s visits, and to make a booking please visit my page at Authors Abroad. If I’m not available, Authors Abroad may be able to find another author who will suit your needs.

This is some feedback from previous visits:

“Thank you so much for a fabulous day on Tuesday. The Y8 have been buzzing, two or three have even stopped me in the corridor and told me that you have inspired them to start writing their own books!

Both staff and students thoroughly enjoyed the day. Thank you so much.”

Leanne Miller – English Teacher Sir Graham Balfour School – February 2008

Having booked Mark for our finale to Book Week last Friday I wasn’t sure what to expect. We are a secondary boys school and our lads can be a tough audience but I was blown away by the impression Mark made on them. Even the toughest, most street wise Year 9 class sat enthralled whilst Mark was speaking. In the afternoon we gave Mark a tough task – to choose the winners out of a strong field of 28 in our ‘write the first pages of a novel competition’. Mark managed to give constructive criticism to all the boys whilst still praising their efforts. So impressed were we that we have already re – booked Mark for next month!
Mrs Beverley Humphrey, LRC Manager, Woolwich Polytechnic — May 2007

“Thank you very much for visiting K.E.S last Friday.

Our boys thoroughly enjoyed your talk, as you already know from the applause that you received at the end. Your career story is both inspiring and motivational for young people. Thank you also for involving the audience by asking them questions – this was a very successful approach. You developed an excellent rapport with the pupils from both schools and I have had very favourable feedback from the English Department and the other staff who were present.”

Librarian – King Edward VI School, Stratford-Upon-Avon

Students from our school were in the audience at the Stafford County Showground, when you were one of the guest speakers at the Staffordshire Teenage Young Fiction Book Award 2007, Celebration Day. We found your talk exciting and inspirational. I really want to book a visit, because there are so many areas where you could inspire young people. Where I feel it would really help all students, but particularly boys, is to help motivate them to plan their future careers. You told us about setting yourself short-term goals to help reach your final target of being an RAF pilot. I would love you to come and talk to Y9 students, when they are choosing study options, and also Y11 students to motivate again for careers and exams..

Mrs Lesley Harrison, School Librarian, Kingsmead Technology College, Hednesford, Cannock – July 2007.

“We have had a phenomenal response to the day you spent with us last week. It has been amazing how many boys (and some girls) who normally never come anywhere near the library if they can avoid it, have been literally queuing up for your books. One parent I have spoken to said her son, who as far as she could remember has never admitted to willingly reading a book in his life, pestered her so much for a copy of ‘Imperial Spy’ when he arrived home from school after your talk that she felt she just had to go out and buy the book there and then.

Many of the staff at the school, myself included, wish to pass on their thanks for giving us a truly inspirational day and we look forward to seeing you again in the not too distant future.”

Librarian – Brookvale High School.

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