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Thursday 19th of July 2018
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Readers’ Stories

I get sent a lot of stories by young people for various reasons and thought it would be fun to share some of their writing with you here.

A new story for you, this time from an ‘Able Writers’ day I did at Mere Green School. The author is a Primary School Pupil with a very vivid imagination!

“What on Earth is all that racket?” I asked myself as I was going into the house. I thought it was coming from the garage. So I went to check it out.
Although this was probably supposed to be a surprise for me, I found out soon enough because I saw that the machine was in the shape of a man. I told Mam that this was a great idea and I offered to help her-but every time I asked her she refused and said that she needed no more help because she was almost finished (which she never was).

“FINISHED” I heard from the garage, so I ran downstairs to see it. When I was there, the robot greeted me in a very polite way, I thought I should do it back to him-but instead I just said hi.

Over those next few days, the robot, or should I say ‘Dad’, had been very helpful towards me and Mam. Until I did something a little out of place and here’s how it happened… I’d had a bad day and I was coming through the door when ‘Dad’ nicely greeted me with a hot mug of coffee and a packet of digestive biscuits but when I refused, ‘Dad’ had a breakdown and started to attack me! Luckily mam stopped it and said it wasn’t quite finished yet; but then ‘Dad’ started to attack Mam as well as me!

The robot had tied us up at this moment and was building some sort of machine, I don’t really know what it was: but I knew it was pure evil. ‘Dad’ started to ask us some questions about where everything was-like knives and other items which could work as deadly weapons, so I thought I ought to tell it. Just in case.

Mam suddenly shouted, “OUCH” because she had sat on a pocket knife-wait that could help us escape. I told Mam to try to get out, she succeeded. Then she gave me the knife so I could escape, I succeeded too. We thought up a plan to get rid of the robot once and for all and here is what we thought to do; I would distract the robot by doing some sort of dance whilst Mam would stealthily go around it, ply open the circuit board and shut it down.

After what seemed like an hour (but in real terms was actually only 10 minutes), we had achieved our aim!

“Ha!Ha!” I shouted as the robot was falling apart. We’d done it! The robot wouldn’t attack us anymore! It had gone! It was finished! He was a ‘goner’! We’d never have to worry again-unless Mam decides to create another robot! Hang on… she did! (But that’s for another day).

by Sean O’Hara – St Anne’s School, Walsall

This next group of stories were done by students in Hazeley Academy, Milton Keynes as part of a project they did on The Devil’s Triangle. They were asked to carry on the story of the first book in my Devil’s Triangle series from where it left off and this is what they produced. Some of the writing is excellent.

The Devil’s Triangle … as continued by Alice Weetman

I sat there with my head on the table. How had I got myself into this mess? The silence in the room made me think. It was all Sam’s fault, if he hadn’t taken dads stupid boat we would all be fine. But I couldn’t blame it all on him. He had found mum and Callum was still alive, that was the only thing that was keeping me going, knowing that they were all safe and alive. I slowly raised my head and glanced around the room.

“I’ve got to get out of here, find Sam, Callum and mum and save dad.”

I stopped and laughed. “Look at you, talking to yourself!” I thought. I relaxed my body. The room looked like any other office, table, chairs some cheesy motto posters on the washed out white walls. Sunlight glared through the window casting striped shadows all over the room from the blinds. Once again I sighed and layed my head on the table. ‘Click’ my whole body tensed and I quickly lifted my head to the door.

The handle slowly turned and the door was flung out with a loud ‘bang’. A large lady waddled in, I looked her up and down. She had a lanyard with her I.D tag on which was covered in Mickey mouse stickers, pin badges of every Disney character made her lanyard twinkle in the harsh daylight.

“Hello there young lady, you Niamh Cutler?”

‘Was this lady a police woman or part of the Disney land staff’ I thought to myself ‘cause she is rocking both looks’ I sat back in my chair and tried not to laugh. First a pink police station now this!

“Well?” she said still being way too jolly for my liking.

“Yes, I am Niamh Cutler.” I glued my eyes to the floor I needed to distance myself from her.

“Well howdy there Niamh, I’m P.C Brown, Welcome to Key West police station.”

What the hell was she doing? You don’t welcome people to police stations!

“ So Niamh I just need you to answer a few question. Is that ok?”

“Yeah, that’s fine.” I really needed to get out of here.

“ So as you know your father has been arrested on suspicion of the murder of Callum Barns and Sam Cutler, Yes?”

“But he didn’t do it , I promise you he didn’t and Callum and Sam, are still alive I know they are!”

P.C brown took a deep breath and then I realized I was standing up, fist clenched and breathing heavily. “Ok Niamh calm down I know this must be hard for you, all I needed to know was if you were aware with what was happening. We don’t want to hurt you and you’re not in any trouble. I just needed to know.” She gave a warm smile and I sat back down. “ Now Niamh we have a special flight booked for you to fly back to England tomorrow and….” Before she could finished I was bawling my eyes out, “Oh don’t cry sweetie, everything’s gunna be ok. Do you wanna go get cleaned up?”

I nodded. I moved to stand up and a spike of pain from my ankle reminded me about my injuries and I screwed up my face in pain. I wondered why I hadn’t noticed it earlier. The kind lady helped me over to the door ( I was still crying.) and lead me to the toilet

“I’ll just be out here” I smiled at her and walked in to the loos.
I wiped my face and looked around ‘Ahh that’s what dramas for’ I thought to my self . I had no idea how I was going to get out until I heard a loud shout from outside.

“Brown, we need you out of here!” A deep voice beaconed from outside. “There’s been a robbery in Key west industrial park.”
“I’m on it sir.” I could her around outside rushing around and then she just left! I crept out of the toilet and just left through the back. This was too easy. I was out, limping down the street, heading for the main shopping centre.

The Devil’s Triangle … as continued by Thomas Cooper

Niamh was in need of a plan; she had so much to think about though, her dad, her brother Sam and her escape.

“Are you ok back there?” a policeman asked, from the passenger seat, barely giving her a glance, he focused his eyes on something completely different, Niamh had to stare at it too, showing the same curiosity; she turned back to staring the seat in front of her, it was just the nearby trees. “I said are you ok?” the same policeman demanded.

“Yes, kind of,” Niamh lied, “my bruises aren’t feeling too great on my back, and your seat’s incredibly warm.”

“That’s Key West for ya’,” the driver said, “warm and sticky.”

Niamh screwed up her face as she felt the heat of chair as she leant back. Never again, she thought. But she realised, a boat yard was sitting there, unguarded, only a couple of hundred metres away, she could make her escape there.

“Well here we are,” the policeman pointed out. The driver clapped several times, clearly in sarcasm, Niamh was tempted to join, but a bright colour caught her eye, she couldn’t help but laugh, she opened he mouth wide but no noise came out of her mouth, like she was trying to chew on air.

Eventually she just sniggered. “Explain the colour of the station please?” Niamh chuckled.

“What’s so bad about it?” the driver complained, “pink is a nice bright colour, it’s cool and catches your eye.”

“It sure caught my eye,” she said, still laughing. The building was of course, pink, not your average boys pink though, this was a real girly bright pink, well bright if it had another coat of paint on it. At the front was a small roof, covering the double doors, thankfully not pink, but a dull grey like black. The police station seemed to look like a girl got her design of a business office, especially with the layout of the windows, and the position of the door in the lower left hand corner, with handles covering the entire width of the two doors, like a fire emergency door but it looked like it was the only exit so there was no point in an emergency door because you might as well name it the entrance/exit instead of fire exit. There was no point of putting on fire exit because it will seem like it is an exit, not an entrance then no one will be able to get into the building and they can’t use the exit because you can’t use it as an entrance.

Finally taking her mind off of the building, Niamh got a little bit more serious, if she was asked questions then how would she answer? Could she get out that easily? Was the building really necessary for that colour? Niamh felt, guilty, confused, tired, sleepy, a little crazy, empty, nervous and obviously not able to understand how she should feel.

The white police car pulled up into one of the very car parking spots, reserved for police cars, there was also a few more rows of spots for parking the normal cars, the only vegetation was a few palm trees that grew between each row of car parking spots, the only cars that were parked had parked away from the trees, they were at an angle were they could easily tip over, one of the palm leave managed to reach the drivers head when he finally got out the car. One of policeman followed, but Niamh stayed there, idle, no idea what to do.

“Are you coming out then?” the driver asked, opening the door. Niamh still stayed still, she didn’t even move her eyes, no response.

“Is she ok?” the other policeman asked.

“I don’t know,” the driver replied, still starring at Niamh’s frozen body.

The Devil’s Triangle … as continued, by Annabel Hunter

The car slowed to a stop. Noticing the brightly coloured pink prison, Niamh laughed to herself. She had never seen a pink prison in her life. Then again, neither had she jumped out of a bus in order to save her dad before today. The car doors unlocked with a click and Niamh hobbled out of the green police car wincing at the pain in her foot and across her grazed back. Her life had changed so dramatically, she thought to herself. Ever since her brother Sam and his friend Callum went missing on a boat and her dad had been accused of murdering them, she had been on the run. Suddenly a glint of light caught her eye. Swivelling to the left, she saw a homely looking boat parked before the sea. Could she escape on it?

“Follow me and we will get you cleaned up”, the podgy policeman said, noticing her wince in pain as he led across the car park and in through the door.

The building seemed to go on forever. It was office after office after office all the way down the long narrow corridor. The podgy policeman could only just fit through it! They stopped at what looked like a small medical room, just like what she was used to at school.

‘Bang! Bang!’ the podgy police man knocked twice on the beige coloured door. Niamh looked at the policeman’s badge. It read Terry, senior chief. Niamh instantly thought that that was a big role to lead. The door handle slowly twisted and a jolly woman, who only looked about four foot, appeared.

“Let’s get you cleaned up then Niamh” she said as though she was talking to a 3 year old.

As soon as she was feeling better, Niamh asked if she could go to the loo. Her injuries were a little bit saw still but she could handle that. A police officer guided her down to the loos. As soon as she got too the loos she slipped out of the narrow window. She dashed to the boat that she saw earlier and hid in a compartment under the floor board it stunk of rotting cheese but she knew she had to stay.

The Devil’s Triangle … as continued by, Frederick Colthorpe

Niamh rested her head on the hot headrest behind her; it felt good, although it did not ease the pain in her back or leg. She wondered ‘Why am I here? I am just an ordinary 13 year old girl with a brother and a Dad. Why me!?’

Her thoughts were interrupted by the police officer.

‘Hey, Niamh, everything will be okay. We’re going to get you cleaned up and then we’ll begin…also jumping out the bus – not your smartest move’

Niamh smirked. Then a bright pink building rolled up in the horizon ‘PINK! What a stupid colour for such a serious building!’ she thought to herself.

They approached the building the black and white sheriff’s car slowed to a steady stop and the police officer got out ‘Now I’m going to walk over to the reception, don’t do anything stupid OK?’ Niamh didn’t answer and the policeman walked off.

‘Now’s my chance but I need an escape route…there’s a boatyard! I’ll steal a boa… wait I don’t know how to drive a boat, but I didn’t know how to ride a kayak or run away from the police, the old Niamh would kill me now if she knew what I was about to do… I miss the old Niamh.’

She jumped out of the car and ran to the shipyard she ran as fast as she could no stopping she thought to herself she eventually reached the boats and had to make a quick decision – which boat?. She ran to a nearby police speedboat and climbed aboard she looked at the controls.

‘This can’t be much harder than riding a bike… can it?’. She looked round for some sort of on switch or gear lever and there it was a big green button that simply said ON.

The Devil’s Triangle … as continued by Issy Horwood

As the dark green and white striped police car drove around the ring road Niamh had no idea what to do. She thought quietly to herself ‘Should I try to escape or not? Do I want to get into even more trouble?’

She looked around. Through the tinted windows she saw a boat yard in the distance and a line of palm trees down the middle of the road.
The police officer asked her many personal questions about her family and her age. All she could do was reluctantly answer and hope that they would get to the police station soon. Quite subtly she played with the door handle wondering whether it was locked or not. Without thinking she screamed ‘DAMN!’ and the officer asked ‘What?’ quite alarmed…

Niamh didn’t know what to do now. She had to think of an excuse and quite quickly before the cop became suspicious. Then she had an epiphany. She could blame it on her cuts and bruises-she had loads anyway! She whimpered ‘I accidently leaned back in the seat and it really hurts!’ While the cop was thinking that excuse over, Niamh had an explosion of thoughts in her head ‘I shouldn’t have used that excuse he will never believe me. He will be plain stupid if he believes that excuse I bet he right now knows that I am trying to escape. Crap I am in for it now!’ But quite surprisingly the police officer just said ‘oh you poor thing as soon as we get to the station we will get you patched up with a medical kit. Niamh couldn’t help it she said ‘great (!)’ and the police officer not hearing the sarcasm in her voice said ‘good’.

All of a sudden they turned off the ring road and started to drive down a long road. She knew that the road led to the police office but the police officer said ‘Here we are’ in a high pitched voice. Niamh couldn’t hold her frustration any longer and screamed ‘How old do you think I am? Even though I have told you about a million times the fact that I am 13 you are treating me like I am an infant!’

As soon as they parked in a marked bay and stepped out Niamh took in any way she could escape there was a boat yard that she saw as quite promising she could hitch a ride all the way back but she soon realised that people would be suspicious why she wanted to get away from the police station.

After she was feeling fine they let her have a few moments outside unattended as soon as she got outside she said ‘BIG mistake cops’ and ran. She had run all the way to the boatyard and realised that she could hardly sail a boat so she went to a captain of a boat and asked in a sympathetic voice ‘Hi my name is Sandy, can you give me a lift I’ve been waiting for my dad for ages and I don’t know what to do my house is just round the corner so can you please just take me round the corner?’ The captain surprisingly said ‘okay’ and Niamh thought to herself ‘Great this is my lucky day!’…

The Devil’s Triangle … as continued by Sachin Patel

As Niamh sat slumped in the back seat of the green and white sheriff car she began to think. ‘How can I get out of here? Where are Sam and Callum? They must be far away if nobody can find them. Have they become victims of the ‘Devils Triangle’? Why am I even here?. This is all because of Sam. If he hadn’t taken the boat out while Dad wasn’t there, Dad wouldn’t be suspected of murder, I wouldn’t be in a police car and Sam and Callum would be safe, everything would be calm’ she thought. If only he had listened to me for once. As the Mercedes slowly came to a halt, the driver asked “You all right back there?,” so Niamh replied by saying “Not really, but I’ll live.”

The police man got out the car and beckoned her out. Niamh yelped as her left ankle stung with pain, which was from her last journey where she had jumped out a bus to get away from the police but she hadn’t succeeded. As she saw the police building she began to giggle, it was bright pink!

She was led to a room, very like an office, and was told to sit and wait. The police man locked the door on his way out and as soon as he was out of sight Niamh got up, ready to search the room as fast as she could. She first checked if the window was open. And very surprisingly it was, but life is never that easy and Niamh knew that – luckily she managed to notice to dim green lasers. These were most likely to be alarms. Niamh knew she had to close the window and search for another clue or escape. Niamh was searching eagerly, but didn’t manage to find anything more than a mini message on the wall written in pen saying ‘HELP!’ Fortunately she heard the click of door so she had enough time to quickly sit down as a different police man walked in.

“How are you, Niamh? I hear you have been having a hard time recently,” he asked.

“I’m fine” I replied.

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