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Thursday 19th of July 2018
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First a couple of family links: Need a barrister on a matter of civil law? Look no further!

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Now that’s out of the way, from here on in you will find links to other authors’ sites – some with whom I correspond regularly, others whom I have met, and a few whose work I love to recommend. I’ve also decided to include a few links into other book related sites that I find interesting and to some local Tae Kwon Do Clubs for anyone who wants to come and train with me, or in my area:

Master Jackson White

Master Jackson White runs the classes in Daventry that I attend. Jackson is a 7th Dan Black Belt who is passionate about his martial art. You will never find anyone more dedicated. I’ve trained under his watchful eye for the past 5 years and can thoroughly recommend his classes for those who want to learn from someone who really knows what it is to perform at the highest standard.

Other clubs in the area: Patrick Carter (6th Dan) runs clubs in Rugby and Kenilworth. He’s a superb teacher. Philip Weston-Riley(4th Dan) runs clubs in Kettering and Corby.


For younger children (4-8 year olds) who would like to train at Tae Kwon Do as my students, you can now enrol for my TAGB Tigers class, which will have its first meeting in the Daventry Leisure Centre on 20th April 2012.

We will train Wednesday and Friday evenings from 5.00-5.45pm each week, making lots of noise and having lots of fun!

Come and find your inner Tiger! You know you want to.

Philip Reeve


I’ve read quite a few Philip Reeve books over the past few years. Despite reading many, many books written for a YA audience, when asked to pick a favourite I always hold up ‘Mortal Engines’, which I think is a stunning book on many levels. I’ve now met Philip and his lovely family and he is a true gentleman. His writing is truly inspired and inspiring. This is one author whose work should be at the very top of your reading pile.

My review of his latest book ‘No such thing as Dragons’ can be found at Trapped by Monsters.

Rick Riordan


I just loved the first in Rick’s Percy Jackson series. If you’ve not read Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief, you’ve not lived! It’s wonderful. Get yourself down to the shops or follow the link through to amazon and buy it now. You can learn more about Rick Riordan and his character, Percy Jackson at his website.

Other books in the series are:

Percy Jackson and the Sea of Monsters
Percy Jackson and the Titan’s Curse
Percy Jackson and the Battle of the Labyrinth

Sarah Singleton


Sarah is one of the most talented writers I’ve read in a long time. I read Sacrifice and fell in love with her writing instantly. This is what I thought about the story – review. I’ve now read Century as well – also a wonderful read. She’s a multi-award winner (no surprise to me) and a fascinating lady to chat to. Her stories that I’ve read so far have a strong gothic feel, with a dark fantasy edge. I would highly recommend them for confident readers aged 11+.

Take a look at Sarah’s website here.

Chris d’Lacey


Chris is a true gentleman. He’s softly spoken, yet his enthusiasm for his work shines with every word. I met him almost by chance really, as he came to my son’s nursery summer fete and we had a great chat. I’ve been aware of his books for some time, but deliberately avoided reading them until now as they involved dragons and I didn’t want to be influenced in my own writing on the subject. However, it appears our stories are very different, so I’ll be reading them very soon. Do take a look at his website.

The Big Green Bookshop

Where would we be without decent Independent bookshops? I mean, I have nothing against the big chains – they’ve done me a lot of favours when it’s come to selling my work over the past few years – but the Independents can often have that little extra something when it comes to selling books. Take these two guys for instance: Two Blokes, One Bookshop, No Idea!. Given their strapline, I think they’ll go far. Their blog certainly makes for entertaining reading.

Sam Enthoven


Sam Enthoven is a fun chap to be around. He’s big. He’s loud. He’s a little excitable. And he writes great books! His first book, The Black Tattoo, is a fast paced action adventure which has it all: secret societies, flying kung fu, demons, vomiting bats, monsters, hell, thermonuclear weapons, the biggest dragon I’ve ever come across and … oh yes, more monsters! Monsters seem to be a recurring theme in Sam’s work. His second book Tim: Defender of the Earth is all about a 12 year old Tyrannosaur. What I find most endearing about Sam is his enthusiasm for his stories. The moment he starts talking about his monsters destroying famous landmarks around London, you just know his books are going to be a fun read. What more can I say? Try his work. If you like what I’ve told you about his writing, then you will almost certainly enjoy it.

Mary Hoffman


Mary and I have met on a number of occasions now and I must confess to being a little in awe of this lady. Aside from having written around 90 books, (!) which alone seems a heroic effort, her writing is truly wonderful. With such a wealth of experience in the world of writing and being published I’m sure it would be easy to get jaded, but Mary Hoffman has a vitality and forward thinking nature that stands her apart from many other authors. Her book The Falconer’s Knot (due out in paperback in April 08) was my ‘Book of the Year’ for 2007 – a fantastic murder/mystery set in medieval Italy that deserved to win a fistful of awards. I’ve since been reading her Stravaganza series, which is equally impressive. If you’ve not read Mary’s work, then I heartily recommend you seek one of her books out and give it a go.

Meg Harper


Meg is a wonderfully warm and genuine person whom I’ve had the pleasure of meeting on a couple of occasions now – most recently at the World Final of the Kids’ Lit Quiz in Oxford. Her latest book, Fur, makes for a fascinating read and has been rightly recognised on several award lists. An unusual mix of romance, fantasy and mystery, the book has a modern day setting with an exotic twist. It’s underlying theme addressing the stresses imposed on teenagers (especially girls) by body image was well explored through the eyes of the main character, Grace. If you’ve not come across her work yet, then I urge you to check out her website and learn more. Meg Harper

Elizabeth Kay


I first met Elizabeth at the London Final of the Kids’ Lit Quiz in Broxbourne last year (2006). I instantly found her easy to talk to, interesting and fun to be around. It was an absolute pleasure, therefore, to meet her again in Coventry recently, when to my delight I discovered she was a fellow member of the Scattered Authors’ Society (SAS for short!). Doing so prompted me to both put a link here and to buy a copy of her best known work – The Divide I thoroughly enjoyed the divide. You can see my review of it here: Review Please do take a look at her site. This is one YA author who should be on your reading list! Elizabeth Kay

Carolyn Hill

Carolyn Hill

Meet Carolyn Hill, whose first book, Bead’s Pickle, has just launched. Carolyn is a regular contributor on the Chronicles Network website, where she is known as Brown Rat. On seeing her posts there I quickly came to have a great deal of respect for her insights on books she has read. She is a prolific reader and a most articulate writer. Bead’s Pickle is, without doubt, the best self published book I’ve read (and I’ve read a few!). It’s a quirky, off-beat Science Fiction story with a heartwarming heroine whose numerous troubles will have you wondering how in the galaxy she will ever get to live happily ever after. Review of Bead’s Pickle Also see Carolyn’s website: Carolyn Hill

Teresa Edgerton

Teresa Edgerton

Good friend and superb fantasy writer, Teresa Edgerton, also a regular contributor to Chronicles Network, is the author of many wonderful fantasy books. Her most recent work, published under the pseudonym Madeline Howard, is the start of a wonderful new epic fantasy trilogy entitled The Hidden Stars

Do take time to look at her website and learn more about her works. I’ve read several of her books and intend to search them all out in time. Teresa’s website

Amanda Hemingway


Amanda is an author whom I feel I’ve come to know quite well over the last year. We have done events together, and even toured together. She is bubbly, talkative and fun to be around. All that aside, she also writes incredible YA fantasy novels which are both complex, yet easy to read. Her writing career makes fascinating reading – especially given the number of genres in which she has written. If you’re 12 years old, 92 years old, or anywhere in between and have not come across her work before, I can heartily recommend her Sangreal Trilogy. Do check out her website and you’ll see what I mean: Amanda Hemingway

Freda Warrington


Freda Warrington is a lovely lady. She has written and been published from a very young age, with around seventeen titles to her name and more on the way. Her work spans through high fantasy to dark fantasy and even historical fantasy. I met Freda for the first time at Worldcon in Glasgow. It may sound strange, but I was genuinely shocked to find that the authors I have been reading for many years are wonderful, real people, who are delighted to talk to readers and fans of their work. I particularly enjoyed Court of the Midnight King a fantasy retelling of Richard III. You can find out more about Freda at her website: Freda Warrington

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