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Thursday 19th of July 2018
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The Chosen One

The Chosen One is the fourth and concluding book in the Darkweaver Series:

Selkor has gained three of the four Keys that the Warders have kept secret for untold years.

The Shandese Magician is desperate to get the final Key and become ‘The Chosen One’ prophesied by the Oracle, Drehboor Perdimonn, Warder of the Earth Key, must somehow find a way to stop him.

Calvyn and the Council of Magicians are racing to Perdimonn’s aid, but hundreds of leagues separate the allies… and Selkor is not Calvyn’s only enemy…

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The Chosen One: Prologue

High Lord Vallaine, Sorcerer Lord of the Inner Eye, started in his seat at the sound of a sharp double knock at the door to the Emperor’s study. In the blink of an eye his appearance changed from his own unmistakable wizened features to the more distinguished and imperial bearing of the Emperor of Shandar. If testimony was needed to endorse Vallaine’s skill as a Sorcerer, then the fact that none of the Imperial House Staff appeared to have noticed any change in the Emperor since Vallaine had killed and replaced him spoke volumes of his subtle powers.

‘Shand send that this is good news,’ Vallaine muttered under his breath. He inhaled slowly and deeply. ‘Come in,’ he ordered, his voice composed and his intonation identical to that of the dead Emperor.

The last ten days had not been easy for Lord Vallaine. Just about everything that could go wrong had turned into an unmitigated disaster. To begin with, Commander Chorain had been mysteriously murdered before Vallaine had been able to question him about the military defeat in Thrandor. Next, Bek, the Thrandorian arena fighter who Vallaine had intended to employ as an assassin, had been badly injured during a challenge bout and then had somehow disappeared from under the security guards’ noses immediately after the fight. Vallaine had set spies to watch the place where the Thrandorian fighter’s compatriots had been known to be hiding out, but they too had given Vallaine’s people the slip. All in all, High Lord Vallaine had good reason to feel that events were conspiring against him and his frustration was such that he was ready to start heads rolling if anything else went wrong.

The door to the Emperor’s study opened and a young woman entered. A huge barrel-chested man followed closely behind her and, on seeing him, Lord Vallaine slowly curled his lips upward in a smile reminiscent of a dangerous predator lazily remembering an easy kill and an ample meal.

‘Ah, Femke, once again you have lived up to your reputation for getting things done efficiently. Be assured that you have my deepest gratitude for finding and bringing Barrathos to me so swiftly. You will be richly rewarded for this service,’ Vallaine said, his voice all but purring with satisfaction.

‘It was my pleasure, your Imperial Majesty, but if you have nothing further for me right now, then, with your leave, I will retire and get some rest, for the journey was long,’ Femke replied wearily.

‘Of course, Femke. Go. Sleep well. I’ll probably have a new task for you tomorrow, so rest with my blessing.’

‘Thank you, Imperial Majesty. Should I report to you at a particular time?’

‘No, Femke, go and rest. I’ll send for you when I’m ready,’ Vallaine answered in kindly tones.

Femke dropped her head forward in the appropriate nod as she curtsied before backing towards the door, but Vallaine’s sharp perception noted that when Femke’s head rose again there was little tiredness in the young woman’s eyes. Femke was a woman after his own heart, born to a life of deceit and subtle manipulation. Femke suspected something about him, of that much Vallaine was sure, but what she had deduced and what she would do with any knowledge that she gathered, the Sorcerer Lord did not really know. Femke was a dangerous unknown quantity in the game that Vallaine was playing. The time might come when she would have to be removed from the playing board, but at present the clever spy was far too useful an asset to sacrifice. No, the trick would be to keep her off balance and so busy that her own games and suspicions would not have time to be played out. Vallaine smiled to himself as the door closed behind her. He had more than enough tasks to keep Femke busy.

Dropping his guise as the Emperor, Vallaine turned his attention to Barrathos, who displayed no surprise at the sudden change of appearance from Emperor to High Lord of the Inner Eye. The big man was already nervous though and was slowly rubbing his huge palms together in a subconscious effort to remove the sheen of sweat that coated them. ‘What have you called me here for, Lord Vallaine?’ Barrathos asked, his deep voice resonating slightly despite the décor of the chamber.

‘To employ your skills, Barrathos, why else?’ Vallaine said simply, his sunken eyes glittering with a wicked enjoyment at the big man’s discomfort. ‘Despite the incident with the Gorvath, you are still the most competent Wizard that I know and I wish to summon some demons. I have put your past failure where it belongs – in the past. Now I need your abilities again, Barrathos, only this time I can afford no failures.’

Vallaine did not think it wise to add that in fact Barrathos was the only Wizard that he knew. Wizardry was the least practised of the arcane arts for good reason. Primarily the inherent dangers involved in attempting to control demons put off all but the stoutest of heart and the most foolhardy. The unfortunate fact was that sooner or later a Wizard was almost inevitably tempted into summoning a demon more powerful than he could actually control. Any mistake when handling demons usually proved to be a fatal misjudgement, as the demon would normally devour the Wizard in question. Aside from further reducing the number of practising Wizards, unsurprisingly this also served to decrease Wizardry’s popularity as a choice for study.

‘Did you say demons?’ Barrathos asked incredulously.

‘Yes, you heard correctly – demons, plural. One might not be enough to tackle the task that I have in mind.’

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Reviews of The Forging of the Sword


Cool Reads
“Full of action, and lots of characters …. Four stars. Really Good Stuff”

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Mrs Mad’s Book-a-Rama
“It is wonderful to get to the last book in a series and watch as all the strands come together. Mark Robson has not let us down, he has produced a fast paced finale to the Darkweaver quartet. This has been a really brilliant series to read and I would recommend it to anyone who likes fantasy, but would like a bit more oomph with their story. As always the descriptions make this story have an almost historical feel to it, as if this was our past you are reading about. Wonderful stuff, well worth reading. I think there might be more books from this realm, in the future too! 9/10″

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Author Trek
“The Chosen One is the last volume in The Darkweaver Legacy, the very compelling series of books written by Mark Robson. One only has to look a the very simple map of this world at the beginning of each book to discern how skillfully Mark Robson has plotted his narrative. There is nothing to offend the reader here, but there is everything to excite them. Yet again, Mark Robson has set the tone exactly right, and these are indeed ‘easy reading’ stories suitable for all ages. 10/10.”

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Reading Matters
“Here is the action-packed climax to the story of Calvyn and how he fulfils the predictions of the Oracles of Drehboor… This is an enjoyable series of books, full of drama and camaraderie, giving an insight into the working mind and unflinching loyalty of the soldier.”

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Vicky (16-21)
Review: I have read all 4 books and they are fantastic!!! I was meant to be revising for an exam, but spent all evening reading it! The story is great and I love the way there is a mix of magic in an army. Its great!!

George Baker (Age 11-15)
“I think the last book was the best ever! The battle at the end was spectacular and the description was amazing. I had ordered my copy in advance to get it as soon as possible. 11/10!!!”

Abi (11-15)
“I thought that the fourth book was by far the best though the ending was very indecisive and I think that Mark Robson should carry on the story and just finish up with what happened to everyone after they went back to their everyday lives. I also am anxious to see what else he has written as I really enjoyed the Darkweaver Legacy series.”

Sam (11-15)
“The Chosen One was by far the best book in the series, I didn’t want to
finish it!! I am looking forward to ‘Imperial Spy’. I hope it will be as
good as this series. Keep up the good work!!”

Ellie (16-21)
“I love your books! And thanks for signing them too! They enthrall me every time. Thank you so much for the adventures in the long boring summers. Looking forward to the spin-off book for the Winter hols!”

John (11-15)
“All of the books are top class. I liked the way they were all linked together and the way they all tied together at the end. Following several people and focusing on different characters in all the books is an excellent way of writing a book. The fourth was the best having a good balance of storyline and action.”

Faith (11-15)
“I think that the Darkweaver Legacy is brilliant. I can’t stop reading them over and over again!”

Charlotte (11-15)
“Once I read one I could not stop until all were read because I got sucked into the great stories and loveable characters”

Jamie Duffus (10-12)
“I thought the Chosen One was amazing, it kicked the stuffing out of Harry Potter. All the books in the series are top class if you ask me and I give them a 10/10.”

Georgina Ratchet (13-15)
“I love it”

Daniel Sedgwick (16-21)
“Hey! Nice set but we want more, we want to see a marriage, new enemies for Thrandor and Shandar, more magic. Come on don’t stop at 4 keep writing”

Tom Crawley (10-12)
“I bought the “Chosen One” on Tuesday and finished it Thursday evening. It is a brilliant book and deserves 11 out of 10. The plot is excellent and gripping and when something happens to a character you really feel for them. This is an excellent book and I hope that there is 5th book in the series.”

Hannah Tindell (13-15)
“The Chosen One was a really great book! I had all the things in it that a good book needs, the right suspense and everything else. I was really excited before I read it as I had been waiting for ages for it to come out, but when I read it I grew more and more excited until I nearly exploded! I liked it when Calvyn and Jenna did things together and I liked the parts that the warders played, their parts, though serious were quite funny. Since the book came out I have been reading and re-reading the whole set non-stop. I can’t wait for more books to come out and for the characters to go their separate ways. I can’t wait to find out what happens to them. This book deserves 5 stars! Well done!”

Laura (21+)
“I have read the entire collection of Mark Robson, it was a gift from my father when he visited England. Since I began the series with “The Forging of the Sword” I have not been able to put the books down. It is Harry Potter with a more exciting, captivating, action, twist. I love Harry but Calvyn is way cooler and has much more power. Cant wait till the next one.”

Joe Walsh (13-15)
“The Darkweaver Legacy is a great series and I’d recommend it to anyone. Despite it not being as big as Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings, it’s just as good, perhaps better. ‘The Chosen One’ is my favourite. PLEASE Mark Robson, don’t stop writing.”

Alex (13-15)
“I have to say these books are the best I’ve ever read. I’m not much of a reader, but these books made me a reader. I would recommend these books to anyone and I think J.K Rowling and J.R.R. Tolkien have got some competition.”

Michael Woodroof (16-21)
“A brilliant set of books, describing an entire world in intricate detail and never missing a piece of information. I have found no obvious plot holes. The series has a permanent place on my bookshelf. Mark Robson never stop writing. If you do, the world will be left with a little less fantasy, and thats always a bad thing especially when the fantasy is as good as yours. The Chosen One is my fave. I give them all 10/10.”

Chris (13-15)
“I think the whole series was brilliant! I was so caught up in the books that when I went with my family to a friends house for a party, I actually sat there and finished The Trail Of The Huntress leaving me in anticipation of going home and buying First Sword. All in all they were fantastic books, I would give it a rating of 15 out of 10 and I’m praying Mark Robson will write another of his miraculous novels. Congratulations Mark.”

Ben (10-12) Darkweaver Legacy – General
Review: The author has put amazing detail into creating these spellbinding books. Combined adrenalin, magic, romance and the clashing of steel, has certainly gained my respect. I think they were a few of the most interesting, amazing and spellbinding books I’ve had the pleasure of reading.

Ryan (13-15)
I have read many books but none have been as captivating and exciting as The Darkweaver books. I feel like Mark Robson is reading my mind, yet keeping a new suprise up his sleeve all the way through.

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