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Thursday 19th of July 2018
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Imperial series

Mark Robson’s Imperial Series opened in February 2006 with the first book, Imperial Spy, published by top International Publishers, Simon & Schuster.

The sequel, Imperial Assassin, released in November 2006, and the concluding novel, Imperial Traitor, released on 3 September 2007.

Imperial Spy

Imperial Spy is the first book in the Imperial Series, and is already a hot hit across book shops.

Femke, a gifted and resourceful young spy, is entrusted with a vital foreign mission by the Emperor. Her adversary, Shalidar, frames Femke with responsibility for two murders while she is visiting their neighbouring court. Femke is isolated in an alien country, being pursued both by her enemies and by the authorities. Only her side-kick, Reynik, a young military trainee, can help. Together, they must outwit the evil assassin Shalidar and prove Femke’s innocence so they can complete the imperial mission. This is the first in a new series.

Imperial Spy is Mark’s first novel released by Simon & Schuster, and has received rave reviews.

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Imperial Assassin

Long-listed for the CILIP Carnegie Children’s Book Award 2008.

Imperial Assassin is the sequel to the bestseller Imperial Spy. It released in November 2006.

Declared outlaws by the Emperor, the Guild of Assassins strikes back hard. The Emperor must act fast. He needs someone to infiltrate the Guild. All attempts to locate the assassins’ headquarters have failed and Femke is already known to the assassins. So Reynik, the young legionnaire, must penetrate their inner circle to discover the Guild’s secrets. But secrets kept hidden for over five centuries command a high price is Reynik is ready to risk his life for the mission?

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Imperial Traitor

The third and final book in the Imperial Series. Released by Simon & Schuster in September 2007.

When Emperor Surabar is assassinated, Shalidar makes plans to put Lord Tremarle on the throne.

Other lords have designs on the Mantle, however, and in the absence of clear authority the city descends into anarchy.

Femke and Reynik go into hiding with the Emperor designate, Lord Kempten. But for Kempten to assume the throne, he must first remove the threat posed by the Guild of Assassins.

The power of the Guild resides in the bonding stone – a stone which is kept in the heavily-guarded Guild headquarters, deep beneath the Imperial Palace.

Femke still has allies, but she must find a way to get them into the Guild headquarters before it’s too late.

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