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Thursday 19th of July 2018
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Dragon Orb: Aurora

Dragon Orb: Aurora

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Four dragonriders on a mission to save their world

Dragon’s in Areth each have a single predestined rider and a single life mission, given to them by the Oracle. But this once all-powerful being is now fatally damaged and fading fast…Only the dragons and their riders can save it!

Aurora the Dawn Dragon

Elian and his dawn dragon, Aurora, lead the search for the fourth and final orb. Pursued by night dragons and helped by a WWI airman, the four dragonriders are drawn into a huge aerial battle between all the dragon enclaves. The ultimate fate of dragonkind hangs by a thread and a terrible price must be paid …

Life after death from death before life,
Enter the new age, through deadly strife.
Greatest of orbs is – dragon’s device.
Gifted for ever: life’s sacrifice.

Chapter 1 – The Orb of Vision

‘Why do you let the night dragon suffer?’ the voice whispered in Aurora’s mind. ‘Are you so cruel that you will not heal her?’

‘Heal her? I have no ability to heal. I am a dawn dragon, not a day dragon,’ Aurora responded indignantly. ‘Who is it that accuses me of letting a fellow dragon suffer? Show yourself.’

Aurora slowly scanned the great chamber with her huge, amber eyes. Nothing moved. She and the night dragon, Shadow, were still alone in the hall of mirrors. Since becoming separated from the rest of the party, Aurora and Shadow had waited while the others had moved deeper into the Castle of Shadows searching for the third of four orbs they required to complete their quest. Aurora had lost contact with Firestorm and Longfang, the two dragons sealed on the other side of the deadly mirror along with the four dragonriders, including her own rider, Elian. Where were they now that she could not reach them? Were they separated by distance, or by something more sinister? The mirror that separated the two dragons from their friends looked fragile, but Aurora knew better than to try to break it because it was coated with dragonsbane, rendering it impossible for the dragons to break through without risking a horrible death.

The hallway was still and silent. Her companion, the night dragon, Shadow, was curled in a circle, dozing.

It was a strange coincidence that the dragons should be split into their current pairings. This was not the first time that she and Shadow had become separated from Fire and Fang. They had last been forced apart a week ago after being chased by Segun and the senior night dragon riders and now, having only been reunited a few hours ago, already they were separated again. It felt almost as if fate were trying to keep the pairings away from each other.

Their journey from the Oracle’s cave to this desolate sea fortress in the north of Orupee had been harrowing. Dragonhunters had hounded them the entire way. Aurora and Shadow bore multiple wounds from the hunters’ spears and were weary through lack of rest. Shadow had suffered most. A nasty injury to one of her main wing muscles had made torture of every wingbeat. The day dragon, Firestorm, had healed Aurora’s injuries earlier, but he could not heal Shadow. A day dragon’s healing fire did not work on night dragons.

‘I was a dragon once, a long time ago,’ the voice continued in Aurora’s mind. ‘A dusk dragon – the leader of my enclave for many years. Is it true that dawn dragons can no longer heal? I find that hard to believe. You were ever the most gifted ones, blessed with the abilities of day and night dragons, yet also having special powers unique to your kind. We dusk dragons have never burned with the fire of the sun. Nor can we harness the silence of the night. Ours was ever the shadow gift. But you – you glow with inner fire. Why do you not use it to heal your companion? I sense she is in much pain.’

‘Even if I could breathe healing fire, why should my efforts be any more effective than those of a day dragon?’ Aurora asked. ‘Besides which, I have no reason to trust you. This place appears nothing more than a gigantic trap, designed to kill dragons and their riders. Show yourself and I shall be better placed to decide if I should trust you.’

There was a slight pause. Aurora sensed the owner of the whispering voice considering her request.

‘I cannot come to you now,’ the voice replied. ‘It is too late. Your friends have nearly reached their goal. I must await them here in my chamber if I am to fulfil my destiny. I have waited a very long time for my final release. You will have to trust me. You cannot breathe healing fire – of course you can’t! But the fire is within you.’

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